Do Secret Societies / Clubs Exist?

There are a few secret societies that we know about, while the societies may not be a secret, the members are. While other clubs are hearsay and there is no way of confirming whether or not they truly do exist.

The Order of the Skull and Bones Society

The Order of the Skull and Bones is a Yale University Society and one of the oldest secret societies which started back in 1832. It is only open to a select few members. You probably find that many of the members have engineering degrees and have studies online mba degrees.

Interestingly enough the members identities only became secret in the 1970’s and it’s believed that both Bush presidents were members.


We have all heard of the Freemasons at some point, this society started in 1717 with four groups of lodges that joined together. The meeting is a type of ritual which requires secret handshakes to gain access, this is done to ensure that uninvited guests cannot get in.

You can only become a mason if you are referred to the group by another mason, it’s not like getting a merchant cash advance, which you can apply for yourself.


The Bilderberg Meeting has been taking place in 1954 and takes place at some of the top five star hotels around the world. There is no official membership though a secret meeting is held each year which is attended by government security and military security.

Sometimes their agendas are available for public viewing, but you won’t know where the meeting is and you won’t be able to get through the door. They may hire South Africa Accommodation or they made use minibus hire, but you won’t know because the invitations are only sent to a select few.

Do They Exist

There have been many other secret clubs and societies which have made the media or have had reports on them including the Rosicrucian Order, which is believed was made up of German protesters. There is no proof, but it is believed that there are many groups who belong to this order around the world today.

The aim of a secret society is to be secret, it’s the same as a woman caring for anti ageing skin or someone using a free e cigarette, and they are not going to give you information on their secrets, so some of these societies we will never know if they truly exist.

As we ponder over the possibility of whether these societies do exist and who the members are, you need to realize that this is something that cannot be accessed on the internet. You can do a search as you would with malaleuca or trazer amor de volta, but you will be met with the same speculation that you have been thinking about.

We can continue wondering for the rest of our lives about secret clubs and societies we have heard about during our lives and we may never have an opportunity to find out if they exist.

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