Old Man Fraternities

There are different kinds of clubs for the people of different ages. People form those clubs to have a fruitful time with many other like-minded people. The clubs are gaining popularity because now-a-days people have become very much busy with their own life. They hardly have any time to meet people. Clubs give people an opportunity to mix up and share their ideas with the people who are also interested in similar activities. Again, people can stay away from the monotony of life by joining clubs and their activities.

There are different types of clubs. One type is called Fraternities and sororities. This type of clubs is single sex clubs. There are different such clubs for the old men.

One of the oldest old men’s fraternal organizations is Freemasonry or Masons. This is a club that came into being in the late 16th century. The origin is obscure but it became very popular among old men. At present it has various forms existing all over the world. The number of its member is approximately six million.

The administration is very structured. This fraternity is an independent organization governing its own jurisdiction. There are subordinate Lodges. There are other appendant bodies that maintain a liaison with the main branch of the Masons fraternity. There are two sovereign and independent bodies that govern this fraternity. They are: Grand Orients and Grand Lodges. They take care of different states or countries or geographical arena. The part that they take care is known as jurisdiction. There is no centralized governing body for running this organization. But the different parts depend upon each other on the basis of mutual recognition.

Though the people say that it is a secret society, the members of this club will not support it. According to them, this is an esoteric society. The concerns and aspects of this club are very private. With the turn of the century, it has become a society full of secrets and so the center of attention of the people. They have their own particular rituals and they recognize each other in terms of those beliefs and rituals.

The club has a huge diversity as it consists of people from all over the world. But the main preoccupation is same for all. That is to ensure charity. They carry out different charitable work for the local people. They both work for the local or global community. Though it used to collect money from different sources before, now the entire money comes from the pocket of its members. The money is used entirely for charitable purposes. Some of the most important charities are:

  • Homes providing shelter
  • Homes providing nursing care
  • Educational grants
  • CHIP or Child Identification Program
  • Medical Assistance

These facilities are available not only to members of this club and to their family; but to the ordinary mass.

There is a misconception regarding the membership requirement. Some people think that they need the invitation of this club to join it. But you will have to prove yourself committed to their ideals and activities. Then you will be allowed to enter the club. Once you agree with their terms and conditions, you will have to go through the official membership procedure.