Who are the Illumanati?

Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, Jessie J – besides the fact they’re all hot singers who have millions of fans all over the world, they are allegedly related to the Illuminati. If you are not sure what Illuminati means or, better said, who the Illuminati are, visit site pages that relate to this secret society or check out an official website url stating “click here to find out all about the Illuminati”.

The New World Order, the Apocalypse, all of these are often times associated with the existence of the Illuminati. But there are few people who actually hold the truth when it comes to the actual significance of the Illuminati symbols, and mysteries remain. The association of a great deal of music performers with the Illuminati has created a lot of rumors over the Internet lately, and contradictory opinions and weird theories have therefore emerged.

According to official sources, the Illuminati stands for a secret society that takes the form of a club or an organization that functions while concealing its actions from those who are not members. There is still no clear information whether the Illuminati is trying to conceal and deny its existence or not. The Illuminati normally do not refer to intelligence agencies, but they are not likely to be seen baking some pizza dough or tell you how to lose weight. They are, however, often times related to a certain degree of secrecy, they are known to create certain rituals in order to solidify the members of the respective group and they are considered to be people who possess or claim to possess higher enlightenment. The Illuminati is also a name attributed to certain religions and even sects.

The first referrals concerning the Illuminati and their secret society date back from the 1500’s, when occultists were referring themselves as Illuminati. The group made use of occult practices, constantly believing they were in direct contact with higher powers, calling themselves The Rosicrucians. Adam Wieshaupt is considered to be the founding father of The Illuminati in the 1700’s. The group was also called the Bavarian Illuminati so that they could distinguish from the Illuminati. The year 1776 saw Wieshaupt’s manifesto be published, clearly stating the goals of the Illuminati – the call for a one-world order. The manifesto was talking about the abolition of the religion, the government, the orders of class, and the right to own property or raising one’s children or even nationalism were all discussed within the manifesto’s lines. The accidental discovery of the manifesto by the Bavarian government disbanded the Illuminati.

Today, the same goals of the original manifesto seem to be respected by the Illuminati of our time. the members of today’s Illuminati group might be working at Hippy Tree, selling compactors or they might be popular singers an entire planet adores. No one truly knows for sure, but some people think that their goal is to rule the world by creating a one-world government and manipulating countries via their laws and leaders.

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