Who are the Illumanati?

Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, Jessie J – besides the fact they’re all hot singers who have millions of fans all over the world, they are allegedly related to the Illuminati. If you are not sure what Illuminati means or, better said, who the Illuminati are, visit site pages that relate to this secret society or check out an official website url stating “click here to find out all about the Illuminati”.

The New World Order, the Apocalypse, all of these are often times associated with the existence of the Illuminati. But there are few people who actually hold the truth when it comes to the actual significance of the Illuminati symbols, and mysteries remain. The association of a great deal of music performers with the Illuminati has created a lot of rumors over the Internet lately, and contradictory opinions and weird theories have therefore emerged.

According to official sources, the Illuminati stands for a secret society that takes the form of a club or an organization that functions while concealing its actions from those who are not members. There is still no clear information whether the Illuminati is trying to conceal and deny its existence or not. The Illuminati normally do not refer to intelligence agencies, but they are not likely to be seen baking some pizza dough or tell you how to lose weight. They are, however, often times related to a certain degree of secrecy, they are known to create certain rituals in order to solidify the members of the respective group and they are considered to be people who possess or claim to possess higher enlightenment. The Illuminati is also a name attributed to certain religions and even sects.

The first referrals concerning the Illuminati and their secret society date back from the 1500’s, when occultists were referring themselves as Illuminati. The group made use of occult practices, constantly believing they were in direct contact with higher powers, calling themselves The Rosicrucians. Adam Wieshaupt is considered to be the founding father of The Illuminati in the 1700’s. The group was also called the Bavarian Illuminati so that they could distinguish from the Illuminati. The year 1776 saw Wieshaupt’s manifesto be published, clearly stating the goals of the Illuminati – the call for a one-world order. The manifesto was talking about the abolition of the religion, the government, the orders of class, and the right to own property or raising one’s children or even nationalism were all discussed within the manifesto’s lines. The accidental discovery of the manifesto by the Bavarian government disbanded the Illuminati.

Today, the same goals of the original manifesto seem to be respected by the Illuminati of our time. the members of today’s Illuminati group might be working at Hippy Tree, selling compactors or they might be popular singers an entire planet adores. No one truly knows for sure, but some people think that their goal is to rule the world by creating a one-world government and manipulating countries via their laws and leaders.


Who are the Skull & Bones?

As there is no dearth of people interested in MBA in healthcare program; there is also no dearth of people interested in secret societies. There is no scarcity of secret societies around the world. One of them is known as Skull and Bones. This is a well-known secret society. It was found in the Yale University, Connecticut. The members are usually the undergraduate seniors from different departments.

As there is no dearth of people who are crazy about the finance MBA online; there is also no dearth of people who are crazy about this secret society. This is a very traditional society that involves the peers. As you have heard a lot about the service of property in belize; you may have also heard about the Skull and Bones society.

The property of the Skulls and Bones is taken care of by the Russell Trust Association. It was named after its co-cofounder, Mr. William Huntington Russell. He, along with his friend Alphonso Taft, found this society. The Russell Trust Association is the alumni organization of the Skulls and Bones and it also oversees the property and the whole organization. As you need to have the best buy coupon code for a good shopping; the organization needs this association for a better administration.

The Skulls and Bones society is often called “Bones”. It is an informal name. The members of this society are often referred to as “Bonesmen”.

As you can know about the mozilla firefox free download, you can also find information about this society in the internet. If we look at the history, we will see that this society was founded in 1832. The first founding members were the members of Yale debating society. Then the name of the society was “the Order of Skull and Bones”.

As people become very conscious when they wish to have an English mastiff; the society also becomes very conscious when it has to choose a member. It selects members every Spring. The “Tap Day”, arranged by
the Yale University, is the program when the interested people are allowed to apply for the membership. Since 1879, this day has been the member selection day. It selects fifteen women and fifteen men from the junior class for joining the society. This is a public event in Yale and is observed with enthusiasm and festivity. The tapping day has become a tradition in that part.

As Mis Sold PPI is the last resort for the people who needs help regarding payment; the Skulls and Bones is the last resort for the people who love secret societies. As there is no dearth of people interested in studying masters public health program; there is also no dearth of people who are interested in the Skulls and Bones. The popularity is prominent from the fan following of this society. One of the reasons is that the members are thought to possess elitist power. So, becoming a member here has become a prestigious issue for the people. So, the popularity and acceptance of this society is growing high among the people of the world.


Do Secret Societies / Clubs Exist?

There are a few secret societies that we know about, while the societies may not be a secret, the members are. While other clubs are hearsay and there is no way of confirming whether or not they truly do exist.

The Order of the Skull and Bones Society

The Order of the Skull and Bones is a Yale University Society and one of the oldest secret societies which started back in 1832. It is only open to a select few members. You probably find that many of the members have engineering degrees and have studies online mba degrees.

Interestingly enough the members identities only became secret in the 1970’s and it’s believed that both Bush presidents were members.


We have all heard of the Freemasons at some point, this society started in 1717 with four groups of lodges that joined together. The meeting is a type of ritual which requires secret handshakes to gain access, this is done to ensure that uninvited guests cannot get in.

You can only become a mason if you are referred to the group by another mason, it’s not like getting a merchant cash advance, which you can apply for yourself.


The Bilderberg Meeting has been taking place in 1954 and takes place at some of the top five star hotels around the world. There is no official membership though a secret meeting is held each year which is attended by government security and military security.

Sometimes their agendas are available for public viewing, but you won’t know where the meeting is and you won’t be able to get through the door. They may hire South Africa Accommodation or they made use minibus hire, but you won’t know because the invitations are only sent to a select few.

Do They Exist

There have been many other secret clubs and societies which have made the media or have had reports on them including the Rosicrucian Order, which is believed was made up of German protesters. There is no proof, but it is believed that there are many groups who belong to this order around the world today.

The aim of a secret society is to be secret, it’s the same as a woman caring for anti ageing skin or someone using a free e cigarette, and they are not going to give you information on their secrets, so some of these societies we will never know if they truly exist.

As we ponder over the possibility of whether these societies do exist and who the members are, you need to realize that this is something that cannot be accessed on the internet. You can do a search as you would with malaleuca or trazer amor de volta, but you will be met with the same speculation that you have been thinking about.

We can continue wondering for the rest of our lives about secret clubs and societies we have heard about during our lives and we may never have an opportunity to find out if they exist.


Old Man Fraternities

There are different kinds of clubs for the people of different ages. People form those clubs to have a fruitful time with many other like-minded people. The clubs are gaining popularity because now-a-days people have become very much busy with their own life. They hardly have any time to meet people. Clubs give people an opportunity to mix up and share their ideas with the people who are also interested in similar activities. Again, people can stay away from the monotony of life by joining clubs and their activities.

There are different types of clubs. One type is called Fraternities and sororities. This type of clubs is single sex clubs. There are different such clubs for the old men.

One of the oldest old men’s fraternal organizations is Freemasonry or Masons. This is a club that came into being in the late 16th century. The origin is obscure but it became very popular among old men. At present it has various forms existing all over the world. The number of its member is approximately six million.

The administration is very structured. This fraternity is an independent organization governing its own jurisdiction. There are subordinate Lodges. There are other appendant bodies that maintain a liaison with the main branch of the Masons fraternity. There are two sovereign and independent bodies that govern this fraternity. They are: Grand Orients and Grand Lodges. They take care of different states or countries or geographical arena. The part that they take care is known as jurisdiction. There is no centralized governing body for running this organization. But the different parts depend upon each other on the basis of mutual recognition.

Though the people say that it is a secret society, the members of this club will not support it. According to them, this is an esoteric society. The concerns and aspects of this club are very private. With the turn of the century, it has become a society full of secrets and so the center of attention of the people. They have their own particular rituals and they recognize each other in terms of those beliefs and rituals.

The club has a huge diversity as it consists of people from all over the world. But the main preoccupation is same for all. That is to ensure charity. They carry out different charitable work for the local people. They both work for the local or global community. Though it used to collect money from different sources before, now the entire money comes from the pocket of its members. The money is used entirely for charitable purposes. Some of the most important charities are:

  • Homes providing shelter
  • Homes providing nursing care
  • Educational grants
  • CHIP or Child Identification Program
  • Medical Assistance

These facilities are available not only to members of this club and to their family; but to the ordinary mass.

There is a misconception regarding the membership requirement. Some people think that they need the invitation of this club to join it. But you will have to prove yourself committed to their ideals and activities. Then you will be allowed to enter the club. Once you agree with their terms and conditions, you will have to go through the official membership procedure.