Is becoming a judge or lawyer a good profession?

We live in a world governed by laws. Laws are important to keep peace and order. Laws are the equalizing factor when disputing parties meet halfway and reach a mutual agreement. Laws are created to treat everybody equally and ensure that no one rises unjustly above others. The subject of law is so broad that there is practically a law for everything – animals, cars, throwing trash, school, giving birth, burial, public parks, and parking cars on public places. There may even be a law for Dental Marketing or for Ecommerce, like when you visit site on the Internet to buy dreamweaver templates for your website. For all these considerations, becoming a judge or a lawyer can be considered a good profession.

People go to college, finish a degree, and become professionals in their chosen career. Some become doctors and engineers; while others become teachers and scientists. We spend thousands of hours and money to hone our craft and be the best at our preferred professions. A specific profession has basically evolved for every aspect of human life, such as medicine, education, and science. It’s no surprise that a profession in law is established since we deal with laws every day of our lives.

Many consider a lawyer to be one of the most honorable professions. If a lawyer is sincere and committed to his profession, then he can defend the helpless to have a fair trial and make a positive difference in society. Throughout history, many lawyers gave up their lives to uphold the law. For instance, English lawyer Sir Thomas More was martyred in 1535 because he defended the law he believed was unjustly violated.

Studying to become a lawyer is not an easy task. Depending on the country you’re living in, you have to study for about 10 years before you can even take an exam to become a licensed lawyer. Normally you have to finish first a pre-law degree, such as a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, before proceeding to a 4-year course in law proper. Most law graduates spend another year of intense review studies before taking the bar exam. Others see product info and visit site to get acquainted with the venue for the actual bar exam.

A law student has to master different subjects in the law curriculum, such as constitutional law, criminal law, labor law, taxation, civil law, and corporation law. The law is so encompassing and broad that it covers so much of our lives.

Judges are lawyers first and foremost. One cannot be a judge without being an effective lawyer. Judges are the decision-makers in courts. They must be fair in making decisions using the full extent of the law as guide. With so many cases to go through, judges have to sift through hundreds of pieces of evidence presented by lawyers from all parties concerned.

In conclusion, becoming a judge or a lawyer is still a very good profession today, so go for it. We really need dedicated judges and lawyers who make the law worth fighting for.